WHY Artiste profile AND Studio profile, PART II


As we try to make this network as similar as your professional life, regardless of the type of artist you are: owner of one or several studios, resident artiste, guest artist or mostly on the road, we though the simplest was to clearly separate the Locations and the People for much more freedom.

So, let’s have a look on how to manage and understand the way it works. After this post you will completely understand how to play with this for sure.

First some basic about these 2 profiles:

· They are totally independent to each other

· They need an individual Sign Up, therefore an individual email

The Studio profile:

· Locates you on the Google Maps as Resident or Guest

· Shows the atmosphere where you practice

The Artist profile:

· Geographically free as a bird

· Showcase your Art and everything Fans need to know about you

And the Beauty of the LINK:

· Connecting a Studio make you appear on the Map

· You can connect many Studios depending on future Guest spots

· You are visible in each Studio you are connected and on the Map

· You are for the first time on a DYNAMIC platform

The only limitation:

· Profiles without connection(s) don’t appear on the Map

So let’s complete these two profiles and let us few hours for revision and acceptation!

Then you will be able to connect the Studio from your Artist profile as Boss, Resident or Guest Artist through: “Your Menu” => My profile => Availability and tours => Edit => Search for the studio => “RESIDENT AND GUEST ARTISTS” of Studio profile=> Connection request => Choose type => SEND => and save in your profile.

Of course the Studio profile administrator will have to accept the request.

After acceptation from the Studio administrator, you will appear on the MAP! The studio will appear on your artist profile, and Customers can start to propose you tattoo projects!

I know that some of you are not really good with internet. So, no worries, just ask and we do the first link for you. We support you for anything we can! It’s our job and our pleasure.


It seems like a long process in the beginning, but we must do it this way for your sake, for the customer’s security, and to open new horizons on how we can fit this as closely to your real life to make things simpler for you in the future!

We take in account only complete profiles, because we are a PROFESSIONAL platform and there is no place for amateurism! And if you are reading these lines it’s because we chose to contact you!

So, let’s get this done, complete your profiles and start this stunning growing community! We will do great things together!

Of course if you need any help you can contact us at:

Or send a message directly a through our Facebook Profile: Kitsune Floyd

If we are not yet Friends, do it now! We already have 3000 artists on this page!

We are looking forward to see you on this map!

Floyd and the Tattoo Travelers Crew

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