Who we are and your relationship with TT

A small break about how to use our platform and to let you know who we are.

I’ve received plenty of questions about this these past few days, and it’s true that I totally forgot this central point about us, as we’ve been so busy focusing on you and the platform itself.

If you’ve read the “About us” section of this blog, you already know that I’ve worked in the body art field since 1995. I’ve worked on behalf of our tattoo conventions in Lausanne, Switzerland with my best friend and brother, the artist “Sailor Bit”, and helped out at the Borneo Tattoo convention in Sarawak, organized by Ernesto Kalum “Borneo Headhunters” in 2002. These experiences have all been crazy good moments!
I’m not an artist myself; actually, I was a biologist for 15 years, working in the forests studying wildlife and I worked at the university as an expert in scientific imaging. Now, however, I’m working 200% on this project.
Last year, I was a piercing apprentice for a few months at my brother’s studio “Ethno Tattoo”, mainly to get the feel of and the ambiance of a big studio. As in my lab at my university (I became Dr. Tattoo adviser because of the conventions) I was impressed by the number of people requesting on the phone for bookings online! So I thought: “You are on the right track, man!”
Two other friends are working with me as they are computer scientists and are doing the coding for this platform, which is just about the only thing I can’t do myself, except for the translations and the corrections for all the languages we offer. Thanks to you all, by the way, for your tremendous work!

And last but not least, thanks to our Artists friends helping us through their tips and comments and believing in this project!

Now, what happens if you subscribe to our Platform?

– First, we don’t take any commissions on your Tattoos, nor from the online Deposits.
– We just earn 9€ from the client (not from you) for the management of the platform and the services we offer when he/she accepts your tattoo proposal and pays your deposit into your PayPal account through our system (ex: 200€ deposit for you + 9€ TT FEE for us = 209€ paid by the client). You give us your PayPal account email address once by stating it in your profile and the system manager does the rest.
– The only fees you might have concerning your Deposit are 3.0% – 3.9% for bank transfers by PAYPAL. We unfortunately cannot avoid that.
– No bad surprises: no long term contract, no hidden fees.

We created the COLLABORATIVE subscription for you, but what is it:
(This is only for Artists who don’t have a free Life-time Subscription)

– Or you use our platform only for advertising and you pay 9 Euros a week (a pack of cigarettes), or we earn 9 Euros a week due to an online booking you finalized with a client, costing you nothing. You will have a counter for the bookings. If for example you do 20 bookings in one month, you are already safe for the 5 next months because you get a free monthly subscription for every 4 online bookings, remember? (, see: RATES)
– This is absolutely the only way we earn cash on this website.
– The Studio profiles are totally free of charge.
– If you are on our Platform, you don’t have to use it for all your clients, we just ask you to respect our work and let people finalize bookings through our platform if they use it.
– Of course you can also put the URL address of your TT page on your website or Social Medias to invite people to book with you online through our system. You will have less phone calls and long emails to manage! And that’s what we also call our COLLABORATION!
– If you don’t remember what we offer in exchange, just have an eye back to our first blogpost.
– We might add some discreet specialized advertising for magazines or tattoo material later.
– We might also develop a premium account with some special features, but this will be totally up to you to take advantage of it or not.

About your data:

– We built the company in Switzerland for only one reason: the safety of your data.
– The only reason we would ever have to disclose your data would be for a criminal investigation.
– For the rest, we will just answer: “No F… Way”!
– Switzerland has the highest Data Privacy standards in the world. For the safety of your and your client’s data!
– And by the way the platform is entirely secure-crypted in SSL (https://…).

What we hope to achieve with this project:

– We really wish to create a great community for all of you; it’s not just a booking system. Even if to do this, we need your participation through the booking system so we can improve this Network and tailor it every day to better suit your needs.
– An international community which takes into account linguistic and cultural differences for the artists as well as for their clients.
– Meet you around the world at conventions or at your studio and share good conversation with a fantastic beer!

(What we are not) and about funding:

– We are not a venture capitalist company
– We didn’t ask for any startup money from any private or governmental institution
– We are totally financed out of our own pocket (hope we haven’t made a huge mistake)
– A few months ago, a Businessman treated us as “Stupid Idealists” and I really hope we can show these kinds of people that they are totally wrong!
– The only drawback is that we develop a little bit slower than multi-million platforms, but we are counting on your participation and collaboration!

I hope you now have a better vision of your relationship to us, and who we are.
If you have any other questions you can contact us through our email:
Or drop us a line on our Facebook profile: Kitsune Floyd

Next week we will speak to you about the booking system itself!

Have a great day!

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