The ASSOCIATIONS profiles are online!

Why ASSOCIATIONS profiles? Creating a platform dedicated to the Artists and their fans, is also integrates important key players of the tattoo community who work hard for Artists’ rights and maintain the quality of the work being provided.

One more time, these profiles are totally free of charge and each Artist who belongs to one of these Associations can connect to it. The connection is done from the “TT ARTISTS MEMBERS” section of the Association profile and it will automatically appear on your profile as well, on your section “PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENT.” You will find the “ASSOCIATIONS” pages on the link “PARTNERS” at the bottom of the landing page.

We created several types of Associations in order to open the door to a variety of parties: The syndicates, specialized web directories, “families” and Artist collectives.

In order to create an ASSOCIATION profile, send us a message by email to and a link to signup will be sent to you.

We are very proud and honored to present below our first two Associations:

SNAT – Syndicat National des Artistes Tatoueurs (in France)


With almost one in three TT artists being French or French speaking, it was difficult to imagine starting ASSOCIATIONS profiles without SNAT.

Established by the unavoidable Tin-Tin from Paris and his acolyte Remy d’Etampes SNAT works for the recognition of tattoo art as well as the defense of tattoo Artists’ rights in France since 2003. It currently has nearly 1400 Artists members and there is no lack of work!
For those of you who want to read more, here is the history of the Association:

A special thanks to Mlle Grenouille and Tin-Tin for all your work for the past 13 years and your approbation to be on our platform!

And what we call “specialized web directories”:

TAP – Tattoo Art Project


The “Tattoo Art Project” was created in 2011 by a special Swedish person: Johan Larsson, a man with challenges who is not at all tongue-tied, as you will see on his blog posts. I just love it!

As a Realistic Tattoo enthusiast, he decided to create TAP, and in one night TAP was launched! Very quickly a beautiful panel of Artists appears! Recently, more than 180 of the best international Artists, in terms of realistic tattoo-art, belong to the platform! A jury of more than 20 persons all coming from the tattoo world (artists, journalists, web marketers and … me 😉 ) carefully select each Artist. Only 8 TT Artists are part of it, but I hope to present you with more and more of them in a near future! Here, his platform:

Thank you so much Johan for this beautiful work and your collaboration! I am sincerely glad to see that it is possible to build a network of people working in the same field who share the same ideas! I know you’re taking a break now after 5 years on your project, so enjoy it, and we all are looking forward to see you soon back with your brand new TAP 2.0 !

We’re already looking forward to collaborating with other Associations that are working hard to help this profession stay an art form in all its meanings!

If you belong to a national or transnational association like the ones mentioned above, or simply a collective with artistic objectives, get in touch with us!

The next week, a little summary concerning the guest spots presentation and conventions on your profiles! There are a few changes since this spring!

Hasta la vista!

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