New styles for modern artists!

Hi everybody,

We just completed a major change on the “styles” you can choose to present your work on your profile, and for displaying it in our future platform’s gallery!

Before you had a “main style” and 4 options for the secondary tattoo styles. Now you can select your “Artistic mainstream” and 5 options for styles.


· TRADITIONAL (for cultural tattoos)

· CONTEMPORARY (for 20th century western tattoos)

· MODERN ART (for new tendencies)

· SCARIFICATION (for non-inked designs)

And the STYLES are:

· TRADITIONAL: Asian traditional, Polynesian traditional, Ethnic Tattoos

· CONTEMPORARY: Realistic, Black & Grey, Old School, Neotraditional, New School, Comics, Oriental, Script / Typography, Biomechanical, Gothic

· MODERN ART: Abstract, Art nouveau, Baroque, Black Work, Cubism, Dotwork, Engraving, Expressionism, Graphic, Naive / Minimalist, Neotribal, Pop-art, Primitivism, Sketch, Surrealism, Stencil (Trash-polka), Watercolor / Acrylic

· SCARIFICATION: Branding, Cutting (they appear on Piercing profiles as well)

This way the public will be more informed about what you do and what you like to do, which will also help them decide to contact you! By the way, this is the reason why it is so important to completely fill out the ARTISTIC BACKGROUND section as well!

And last but not least, don’t forget you can tag the images in your gallery with styles to redirect them to the right folder for the platform gallery, which will also be useful to select artists!

Have a great day!

Floyd & Tattoo Travelers Team


One comment on “New styles for modern artists!
  1. Adrian Bascur - May 4, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    busco una salida en el cuerpo, con la integración del Multipunto en el mismo


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