Booking process is ready now and free to use

Let’s see how the booking system looks now!

As we told you in previous posts, our booking system is totally free to use, and for life for our 747 first invited Artists doing their full profiles. This is valid for artists invited by us as well as for artists invited by you, as a Tattoo Travelers Artist!

So it’s time to spread the good news!

For those coming later, we offer a deal; for every 4 bookings you get online you receive a free month’s subscription (36euro). The best way to make this easy for sure is to put your Tattoo Travelers link page URL on your website and your Social Medias. This will automatically redirect your online clients to your TT booking page and lead to fewer phone calls, less long emails and simplify the management of your online tattoo requests. And by the way, you might never have to pay any subscription fees! It’s what we call our COLLABORATIVE subscription, the win-win situation!

The booking system is now ready to use! As soon you place your Paypal email in your profile (in “Business Information”) the system can handle the payment of your Deposit by your client with a credit card. As you know, we don’t take any commission on this transaction. You and your client will be notified every time it’s necessary for either of you to do something and to remind you both of your appointment!

3 steps are enough to get booked online:

1/ the client sends you a tattoo request: all is set up to help him convey a relatively precise idea of what he wants, and of course the better you fill in your profile, the better he will know what he can ask of you.

2/ you reply to his request: here again we’ve put most of the information you will need to give him in terms of the quotation, conditions, and basic ideas for a first contact, just in few clicks. Of course, you can also refuse a job if you think the request doesn’t suit your work. You have 7 days to reply. We even wrote some texts you can select from and edit that we thought would be relevant with artist friends. Soon, we will implement a system to manage the multi-session tattoos.

3/ the client have 3 days to take a decision on your proposal through the payment of your Deposit mentioned in your Quote. From this step, if he accepts, you both automatically get information about your phone numbers, we give the full address of the Studio and messages are open on the booking page.

We think this straightforward process will seriously help you to sort through your online requests, avoiding unnecessary phone calls, emails requests and messages on Social Medias for a first contact. Giving the studio’s address and phone number after the acceptance process is also something that was asked for by many reliable private studios.

You have seven days to reply to a tattoo request and the client can send a request to one artist at a time, so this way you know that if a client asks you for a job, it’s because he really wants you for this job!

And finally, YES, we are sorry if our Sign up is a bit long to fill out, but this is hopefully to avoid you repeating again and again the same things to new customers. This way you do it once for life, and just modify it when needed!

If you wish to try the booking system, go to my test profile (TT DEMO. PROFILE) and do a request, I will answer you for sure. You can also drop me a line on my profile (small “envelope” icon on the top right side), if you wish I do a tattoo request to you, just to let you see how you can reply.

In 2015, we will work on a professional agenda and find a way to help big studios to manage their team and guest bookings! And of course always improving, improving, improving!

Talk soon,
Floyd & Tattoo Travelers crew

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