We really invite you to go to your profile settings to be sure all is well sorted.

Yes, we all know, when signing up on any web platform, we usually want to access to what can offer this new tool, and run quickly across the sign up processes thinking “I will do it later” which rarely happens because we all have priorities in our busy daily life. I totally agree!

So I will point only 3 aspects of your profiles.

For both studio and Artist profiles:

· Write a good Biography, above all, write a good first sentence. Why? because when you will put the link of your Tattoo Travelers profile into another social media such as Facebook, a sticker will appear with the profile picture, the name, the location and these famous first few lines of the Biography/History (for Studios). People who will spend some hours in your hands for a lifelong mark need to get a good feel for who you are and where you work to take a decision, it’s not only about your skills or fame!

For Artist profiles:

· To get your Deposit paid, don’t forget to fill out the “Commercial Info”. In you profile setting. You will need a PAYPAL account (email). It is super easy to use. If you don’t have one:

In the future we will add other options to get paid.

For Studio profiles:

· Images of the studio are really important here. The store window, the reception, the artist’s working place, the sterilization room, ambiance and crew are all information that customers crave to see to feel the place as if he or she were sitting there.

As you are reading these lines now, it must be the best time to check out your profile, so this way you can get this task out of the way 😉

Have a great week

Floyd & TT Crew

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